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Why you should holistic your health

Welcome wellness readers to my first blog post!

(I know you can't see it but I'm jumping with excitement right now!)

Thank you for clicking in, there's so much I look forward to sharing with you on my blog.

If we haven't met yet, I'm Michelle Tran and I am a holistic nutritionist living in Toronto.

It is my hope to create a positive impact on how you connect to your body. Let's discover what is best for you and your current state of health. What you would like to achieve, what can we change in your day to day & your once in a while, all while enjoying the ride of life and the delicious snacks you can munch on along the way.

But first, the pressing question...

What is Holistic Health?

Holistic health is defined by the entire wellbeing of one’s body, mind and spirit, as well as how they interact with their environment. It is the understanding that optimal health is very unique to every individual and that it can include a balance of food for nourishment and enjoyment. Holistic health invites you to connect with yourself on a deeper level. It is a lifestyle of healthy relationships with yourself, the food you eat and the people that you connect with.

Often times, people will ask me questions like "What's the best way to detox?", "What's the most effective way to lose weight?" or "What are ways that I can optimize my energy levels?"

I'll usually follow up these questions with more questions like...

What is your diet like?

How much water do you drink?

Are you sleeping well?

Do you have good relationships in your life?

What is your poop like? (Seriously, I want to know!)

To which I sometimes I get confused facial expressions that could translate into girl, what does that question have anything to do with it? I just want to flatten out my belly.

Our food, our habits, our relationships, our choices, have an impact our health. The more I know, the better I can help you. And the more conscious you become in what choices empower your body, the easier it will be for you to chose them.

The word healthy can be a challenging word to define, as to each one of us, it applies a different state of living. And everyone's bodies operate so uniquely! I mean granted there are general guidelines to this thing called health, but getting the details on what makes YOU look, feel and operate your best can be quite the discovery process. Good news is you don't have to bare it alone.

My blog will feature recipes, product reviews, self care tips, highlight some must have superfoods and other holistic lifestyle suggestions. Feel free to leave a comment on any questions or topics you are interested in. Til then, eat well, stay hydrated & celebrate the magic within you <3

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Toronto, Canada

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